How You Should Deal with Procrastinating Clients

How You Should Deal with Procrastinating Clients

Many salespeople lose businesses when their clients say: I need to consider about it. Unfortunately, when most salespeople encounter such response from their clients, they do not know how to respond to it, hence allowing the clients to consider and never return.

When your client says that, it simple means there’s still fears or doubts that you have not cleared, that’s why they are not willing to make purchases.

There are many factors that influence a client’s purchase decision, understanding what’s stopping them from purchasing is important.

1. Effect of the product
The first thing clients worry about is trust, and the second thing is risk. When a client starts to ask about a product, he or she is beginning to trust the product. Your next move is to solve the risk issue. Psychologically, your client is worried about the risk he or she faces after purchasing something from you. You need to be able to deal with his or her concerns and provide solutions so that you can seal the deal with him or her.

The effect/ results of your product is the primary reason clients purchase a product from you. Clients want to know that your products give effective results, so it is important for you to familiarize yourself with your product, and feedback given by other customers. Illustrations, charts and positive feedback will help convince your clients.

Stand in your clients’ shoes, think of the worries and concerns they might have and prepare appropriate solutions so that you can deal with them easily. Instead of thinking from your own viewpoint, it is better to think in your clients’ perspective so that you will have a clearer picture of what your clients actually need.

2. Price
We believe in the worth and value of our products, and we believe that customers understand the reason for the price tag on our products. However, never be impatient and overly proud if a customer needs further explanation and convincing. Convince your potential buyers with positive customer feedback, improve on product packaging, provide quality product and ensure that there’s good customer service. It is common for customers to bargain for a lower price, and if you can’t give them the price they want, make sure your customers fully understand the product. Explaining the functions and result of using the product can help you gain sales. Also, you can offer your customers gifts, points card or membership card so that they feel it’s a great deal.

3. Originality
If and when a client questions about the originality of your product, assure them by showing that you are using your own products. Ask about their past experiences, talk to them but never ever avoid such question.

Here’s some tips for you to start a conversation with your potential customers:
1.hello, so what do you think about it?
2. How is it going for you, are you ready for it now?
3. It’s been some time not hearing from you, do you have a minute?
4. Do you have time for lunch with me?
5. We have a great promotion going on now!
6. Do you want to buy it now before I run out of stock?
7. How are you recently?


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