The Top 5 Wealthiest Neighbouhoods in the Klang Valley

The Top 5 Wealthiest Neighbouhoods in the Klang Valley

Have you ever wondered where the most posh places to live in the Klang Valley are? Here we attempt to introduce you to some of the most high class areas in and around the Kuala Lumpur than will sure to surprise you.

Most of these places had humble beginnings, but are now prime property due to a combination of factors, like amenities and convenient transport. Most of the time, a large portion of the residents are expatriates and foreigners from the west, as well as Japan, Korea and the Middle East.

Owning a property in these places puts you as one of the 10% of wealthiest Malaysians, as apartments here are on the high end of the property spectrum and are worth at least several million Ringgit.

The Golden Triangle around KLCC
There’s really no need to explain why the property here is one of the most expensive in the country. The view of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers is enough for anyone to be willing to pay through the roof to live in this area. Sources have it that the highest value on a property was at Binjai Park , KLCC where one of the world’s richest man bought a 20,000 feet penthouse for USD 13 million, equivalent to RM 52 million.

KLCC is the tourism and shopping pinnacle of KL, and is surrounded by a lot of convenient public transport, as well as many international banks for easy transactions.

Mont Kiara
Sometimes called the ‘Beverly Hills’ of Malaysia, Mont Kiara is a popular spot among expatriates to live because of its proximity to three International schools, namely The Mont Kiara International School, Garden International School and French International School offering the American , British and French curriculum respectively.

The majority of residents are Japanese and Korean, so you’ll find many sundry shops and restaurants here catering to the community. Mont Kiara is also home to many upscale eateries offering classy international fare and supermarkets offering imported items.

Ampang is actually divided into spaces that are made up of affordable local properties for middle class Malaysians, and areas that are more upscale and cater to expatriates. The area surrounding the embassy row is where the properties get more pricy, as there are at least 34 embassies in Jalan Ampang.

Additionally, there are also plenty of International Schools and world class hospitals as well. Jalan Ampang is where you can find a rich array of International cuisine, including authentic Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Iranian, Thai, Indonesians and other restaurants.

Bangsar is one of the oldest expat destinations in Malaysia and has a very retro feel to it. The neighbourhood has grown to be one of the trendiest and cultured communities in Malaysia. Many leading figures in the Malaysian art, design and humanities scene live here, and the locals are mostly from the upper middle class and above range. An interesting note is also that many civil society and NGO leaders in Malaysia come from Bangsar, as do some of the leading local restaurant brand names.

Unlike the other areas on this list whose residents are mostly expats, the residents of Damansara are local families who have made it big in life and can afford good housing. Damansara has a good array of shopping and dining spots which are a healthy mix of modern, experimental or fusion food, as well as good old mamaks and kopitiams. The properties here may not be as expensive as Bangsar or Mont Kiara, but is on the higher end for the local Malaysian buyer.

The proximity of Damansara to the LDP makes it easy to reach various places, although public trains haven’t reached this part of the Klang Valley yet.


Source: DurianProperty.com


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