Home Tips: How to Save Electricity

Home Tips: How to Save Electricity

As we all know, Malaysians today face many financial issues. This comes especially after the GST was implemented earlier in 2015, leading to an overall increase in the prices of certain goods and services. Therefore, many people are finding new ways in which they can try and cut unnecessary spending and live within their budget.

One of the areas where we as Malaysians can start being economical is in our home electricity consumption. Despite some of the steps listed hear sounding very simple and easy, carrying them out actually requires a lot of discipline and sacrifice.

Step One: Natural light

Use more natural light, especially in the daytime. Keep curtains open or use semi-transparent curtains that allow plenty of natural light in. Try not to tint your large glass sliding doors or keep them open during the daytime.

If you are remodelling your house, try to put in full length glass windows and doors which will definitely save you more energy as you won’t need so much artificial lights.

Step Two: Forego Heated Showers

On most days, Malaysia is sweltering hot and there’s nothing more refreshing than a cool shower. Hence, there’s really no need for households to use a shower heater, unless perhaps one is feeling unwell (or maybe you live in Cameron Highlands or Genting Highlands).

Apart from that, just enjoy the natural water temperatures as they’re not freezing cold in our country, but rather more on the cooling side. Additionally, studies have shown that cold showers are actually good for us so reserve those heaters for days when they are really needed.

Step Three: Use Energy Saving Appliances

Technology is great in the sense that it has allowed us as humans to develop things like refrigerators and ovens that are more energy efficient. This means that the machine uses energy better and does not waste any electricity.

Using energy saving appliances will help to keep your energy consumption low. Usually, you can identify energy efficient appliances as they will carry an Energy Star rating, displayed as a sticker. The more stars the device has, the more energy saving it is.

Additionally, you might want to try replacing traditional bulbs in your house with energy saving bulbs, which can be identified by their twisting shape, long arched shape and white exterior.

Step Four: Paint Your Home in Bright Colours

Ensure that in addition to having large or open windows, you also stay away from dark shades of paint as that will make rooms darker as well as warmer. Stick to bright pastels as this will ensure the room looks brighter and larger.

Step Five: Use Only One Room at Night

Instead of each family member spending the evening after dinner in their own rooms or spaces, why not designate one area, like the living room, where everyone can interact, spend quality time together and pursue leisurely activities together.

In this way, not only will you increased the family bond, but ensure that only one or two areas on the house are constantly lit at night, thereby decreasing electricity costs.

Step Six: Unplug Appliances after Use

In order to ensure that appliances are not accidently left on, it is best to remove their power plug from the socket after use. This is particularly important for heating appliances like electric stoves, ovens, hair dryers and the like as the heating element in these appliances consume a lot of energy.

Step Seven: Wise usage of Air Conditioning

In tropical countries like Malaysia, air conditioning is a real relief from the heat and often we cannot go without it. However, using air conditioning wisely will help cut the electricity bill by a lot. One way you can use air conditioning wisely is by making sure all doors and windows are tightly closed when the air conditioning is running.

Another way is to only switch the air conditioning on for an hour or so to cool down the room, then switch it off and depend on ceiling fans and stand fans.

Hopefully some of these tips will help ensure that energy usage is economized in your home. Remember that they not only save electricity, but contribute to the long term conservation of the environment as well.


Source: DurianProperty.com


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