Types of Commercial Property

Types of Commercial Property

There are many various types of commercial property available in Malaysia and most of them are always evolving. This means that they are constantly changing in design to serve customers better and to provide them with many alternative choices compared to the conventional definitions of a commercial space.

One positive development in commercial property planning is the incorporation of more green spaces and green technology as architects, interior designers and other have come to realize the importance of spacious and relaxing concepts to productivity and business.

Here are the main types of commercial lots available in Malaysia:

Shop House

These designs are relics of past buildings, especially pre-war and post–war buildings whereby it is built in a long row and houses the business at the front of the ground floor whereas the back and upstairs portions are turned into domestic quarters.

Many old dilapidated shop houses in urban settings are now being turned into art galleries, modern cafes and hip hotels and draw in the crowds because of their old world charm.

Commercial Building

A commercial building complex is often tall with many storeys and houses many office complexes. These office units can be very large and fill an entire floor or many units can be located in a single floor.

Retails Stores

Retail outlets may or may not be located in a mall, a shopping complex or a mixed development project. These are spaces where buying and selling is done, or a service is provided, such as doctor’s clinics, barbers and so on. It is not designed to hold offices.

Shopping Malls

Malls in Malaysia are sometimes called chopping centres or complexes and usually owned by one company (sometimes a developer) who rent out retails spaces to various clients who provide products and services for sale.

Mixed Projects

The trend of commercial property right now is to fuse retails units with office units or retails units with apartments. These types of projects are really doing well as many realize that office workers and/or residents in busy urban areas appreciate having nearby food and services.


Land are also considered commercial property in Malaysia and most land for sale are agricultural or commercial land. Land can also be categorized as leasehold and freehold. A special type of land is Bumiputera reserve land, so check the status of the land you are buying as there are laws guiding their use.

Source: DurianProperty.com

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