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Alen Corp Asia

Alen Corp Asia

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Kuala Lumpur

About Alen Corp Asia

WHAT MAKES ALEN AIR PURIFIERS THE BEST IN ASIA? Alen Air Purifiers are the only air purifier available in Asia that offer premium performance at an affordable price! We combine TRUE HEPA filtration plus UV technology for superior airborne particle removal. Our ne PARALDA (King Of Air) is tested to filter the most harmful fine airborne particles at an unprecedented efficiency of 99.42%. While eliminating all common pollutants such as dust, smog, smoke, pet dander & odors, being Premium means tackling key airborne particles such as allergens, dust mites, fine dust, bacteria, mould spores and various strains of viruses. Alen Air Purifiers help relieve allergies within hours and prevent symptoms of flu, sneezing, itchy watery eyes and blocked or running nose (Allergic Rhinitis) which affect millions on a daily basis throughout Asia. Alen Air Purifiers also set the standard as the first to be Energy Star qualified, Lead Free and Ozone Safe. We also offer the first & only Lifetime Warranty in the industry showing our devotion to the environment along with helping families live better and happier lives in their homes! So what are you waiting for? The #1 Air Purifier in the USA and #1 in Hong Kong!
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