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Arkitek ibnu ADAM

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No. 308-C, Lrg Perak, Melawati Square, Pusat Bandar Melawati, 53100 Hulu Klang, Selangor

About Arkitek ibnu ADAM

Arkitek ibnu ADAM, established January 1993, is a professional firm of architecture. Set up to provide architectural consultancy services inclusive of environmental planning and design, interior and landscape architecture. Arkitek ibnu ADAM is design oriented in nature and comprises a team of young, energetic professionals and well-trained personnel experienced in various projects of different types and scales. Arkitek ibnu ADAM is committed to international standards toward achieving a high degree of professionalism in its practice. Design exercise is approached within its physical parameters and philosophical possibilities. In the delivery and ultimate realization of built form, design ideals and client's need is always foremost to attain a high quality product. Arkitek ibnu ADAM believes that man and his habitat is inseparable, living a symbolic relation within nature at large. In providing dynamic solutions to built environment, it prescribes to sustainability, eco-friendliness and diversity within one unified whole, while at the same time anticipating changes in future continuum.
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