Newbie Guide - Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

Newbie Guide - Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

1. Prepare for you own purchase
Before selling your home, give some careful through about where you will live next. If your plan is to buy another home and finance it, get preapproved for a mortgage. That way, you’ll know what you will be able to afford—and can eliminate surprises. Planning ahead will save the time and money associated with moving multiple times or trying to get out of a deal after you sign a purchase agreement.

2. Get the home move-in ready
If you budget allows, do whatever you can to make your home move-in ready for the buyer. That means fixing up any leaky faucets, making cosmetic repairs as well checking all electricals.

3. Enlist the help of a good real-estate agent
Many people choose real-estate agents based on referrals from friends and family, but look beyond that. Selling your home is a huge business transaction, and should be treated as one. Look for an agent that’s perfect for the job. Want to know how? We’ve covered the most important points here.

4. Price it right
A good real-estate agent will help you price your home right – from the start. An absurdly high price will put off any viewer from even giving your house a second glace. Overpricing often means a longer stay on the market as well as future price cuts—which often makes a home listing look stale and less desirable.

5. Make the house available
Some sellers create restrictions on when their home can be shown, but being inflexible on this point can hurt you. As the seller, you should always make your home available for viewing all day. A prospective buyer will often want to see a home as soon as possible, and delaying that would just give them time to find another home and forget yours.

6. Plan your negotiation
Know what you will and won’t give up when it comes to your sale, from price to closing date, repairs to closing costs. Knowing what outcome you want in advance will help you avoid haggling over minor items that could cost you the sale.

Finally, don’t focus as much on the final sales price as on the final net price. Many first-time buyers will ask for sellers to help with closing costs and other miscellaneous charges that might come with purchasing a home.


Source: DurianProperty.com

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