Some Guidelines on How to Sell Your Own House

Some Guidelines on How to Sell Your Own House

As the competitive world of property sales and marketing progresses, we find that more and more house owners are taking it upon themselves to actually sell their own houses or commercial lots. This is because selling your own house has many benefits and positive points. The foremost of these benefits is to save costs as you don’t need to hire a middle man.

However, selling your own property will definitely take up other resources like time and physical effort. Nevertheless, it is not impossible for inexperienced home owners to sell their houses with some basic tips and tricks. Here we include some basic guidelines in order to help lay people market their property better.

Determining and Researching House Prices

Before even coming up with a marketing strategy, home owners need to find out the true value of their property. Always do some research on the true market value of the house and the best way to do this is to survey house prices in your area or building online on websites like our very own DurianProperty.com.

Marketing Strategies

The best way to market your house is to post up a listing on an online property website. The amount of traffic is very high and this will ensure more people view your ad. Keep it sweet and simple and make sure to include lots of pictures. Make sure that in the pictures, you present a home that is clean and uncluttered. Here at DurianProperty.com, everyone can posts ads for free. Click here to start posting ads. You can also should sign in or sign up if you have not done so yet.

Negotiating Prices

When it comes to haggling, Malaysians in general have been taught since young to always get the best deal. However, if you are selling a home, be wary of fraud and cheats. The standard down-payment for any home is always 10% of the final price and if your potential buyer cannot or is reluctant to do this, chances are you might have a troublesome deal.

Hire a Legal Counsel

Once all the promotion phase is done and you’ve secured a verbal deal, it is very important to hire a lawyer specializing in property and real estate. This is important as any wording errors can render the sale or transaction void and cost you a fortune in legal fees to fix.

Hosting a Viewing Session

Although this is not a widespread practice in Malaysia, it is a very popular practice in Western countries to host home viewing sessions where prospective buyers can look at your house.

This is one way you can save time and resources since you only spend a few hours showing many people around and not have to show individual buyers around every time you get a call. Some home owners even host viewing parties and serve refreshments.

Source: DurianProperty.com

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