Ten Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property

Ten Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property

Buying a property with the idea of renting it out or reselling it is a common way to generate income and is a popular business model. However, some home owners are at a loss at how to improve their property and upgrade it so that they can ask for a higher price or rent.

Here are ten ideas that you, as a homeowner, can try out to increase the value of your house or apartment.

1. Renovate the Bathroom

Rather than leaving just the original cheap shower head and tiles, why not upgrade with some fixtures like a shower stall and a heater?

2. Put in some curtain railings and window grills

This is a relatively cheap way to increase home safety and your future tenants will be more attracted to a house that has increased security features.

3. Renovate the kitchen

Some homes only have a metal sink in the kitchen area. Replace the metal sink with a proper cabinet sink and install sufficient new overhead cabinets and counters to make the kitchen visually pleasing

4. Buy a New front Door

The front doors of newly built houses can often be plain and dull. Try and replace it with a carved wooden alternative with brass door handles for that classy feel.

5. Expand the House

If your home is landed, consider adding an additional outdoor space that can be used in the future as a storage unit, garage or gardening shed.

6. Cut the Grass

If the property you own has a front lawn, make sure there is no overgrowth of grass or other plants. Keep everything neat and tidy.

7. A Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing upgrades an old and worn external section better than a new coat of paint, which is important especially if your property has developed black moss on the outer layers.

8. Install More Lights

Walk through your property at night and see if there are any corners that are dim. Consider installing extra lighting in that area. Plus points if you use energy saving bulbs.

9. Add some Furniture

Adding furniture to your house is a sure way of adding more value to it. Just get some basic pieces like a three seater sofa, a dining table and chairs, as well as some beds in every room.

10. Add some Carpets

Adding carpets to a house really gives it a homely and comfy feel. Just a large piece in the living room or main bedroom (or both) will do the trick.

Source: DurianProperty.com

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