Temporary Decoration Ideas for Rented Houses

Temporary Decoration Ideas for Rented Houses

For those who are living in rented homes, decorating can sometimes be a challenge since there are many rules and regulations to follow. Among these rules is that tenants are not allowed to drill holes, knock in big nails or carry out any renovation work. Installing any sort of large fixtures to walls that will leave a permanent mark is a big no-no as well!

In normal circumstances, this leaves very little space for decoration ideas but on the plus side, it is also an excuse to be creative within the rules. Here are some ideas that will help you along your decorating journey.

Carpets and curtains– Try to keep these in earthy colours and consult a colour wheel to find which ones that match. Avoid blackout curtains to keep the room light and airy.

Use Screens – Foldable screen dividers are a stylish and hip way to define spaces and provide added privacy. Go for a semi-transparent divider screen so that there is an illusion of continuous space.

Add lamps – Both standing and table lamps add a touch of warmth and cosiness to the home. Try a warm yellow light for that glowing effect. This will take off some of the edginess of bright florescent lamps and make things more romantic and mellow.

Throws – What we mean by a ‘throw’ here is a piece of soft fabric that is usually draped over the back of a sofa or armchair. A throw doesn’t just make the sofa more comfy, it protects furniture from dirt and damage, making them last longer.

Cushions – Fill your home with both small and large squishy cushions. Large cushions can also function as extra ‘seats’ when you have a large group of guests at your house

Door Knobs – Door knobs on any door of the house is easily removable and replaceable. Choose an artistic brass door knob that will give your home that elegant feel.

Wall Decal – Removable wall stickers are easily applied and removed from walls. They come in a set from interior design retailers. Pick a colour that stands out from your wall and remember to apply them correctly, or they may damage the paint.

Potted plants – Having small potted plants in the interior of your home helps you to calm down and stay near to nature. They are also very refreshing to the eye. A great idea is to get a round glass fish bowl, filling it with some earth and growing some easy green shrubs. Another ideas is to get a bonsai tree which is relatively easy to care for.

Repaint furniture – Instead of leaving side tables or cabinets in their dull wood colour, why not repaint them in a bright pastel colour like yellow, red or light blue to add a pop of colour to the room.

Line Cabinets – Use parcel paper to line kitchen cabinets or bookshelves to give the home a rustic look. These lining papers are an added advantage because they protect the shelves from wear and tear.

Source: DurianProperty.com


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