Clever Ways to Start a Conversation with Your Customer and Connect With Them

Clever Ways to Start a Conversation with Your Customer and Connect With Them

Starting conversations may be easy, but what does it actually take to make a true connection and click with your customers? Here are 12 methods you can consider in order to establish a strong relationship.

1.Calm down
Too much stress and worry will make you anxious and unable to think straight, so take a deep breath for one minute to relax before speaking. Breathing exercises will also increase you brain’s ability to make quick decisions.

2.Stay Focused
Being present in the moment you are in lets you recognize the mood and tone of your customer’s words, letting you correctly gauge his meaning and intentions. It also allows you to bring the conversation back to its focal point if it begins to stray.

3.Practice Silence
Silence doesn’t just refer to having to stop speaking, but refers to a silencing of your inner thoughts as well. Silence allows you to listen more effectively and pick up more verbal cues.

4.Stay Optimistic
Always check yourself to determine what mood you’re in, and then determine if you can put off your negative feelings and state of mind first. In order to reduce any anxiety, rehearse the conversations in your head.

5.Stand by Your Values
Having a good and effective conversation involves presenting your values, intentions and goals clearly and for your conversation partner to do the same. Never be dishonest and say what you think the other person wants to hear, as differences in values can always be ironed out, but lies will just sour the relationship.

6.Use a Happy Memory
Often times you may have to approach a conversation while feeling sad, down or anxious about something. During times like these, use a happy memory from your past to lighten your mood and give your customer a genuinely happy expression.

7.Pick Up Nonverbal Cues
Keep your eye peeled for body language as much of human communication is done through a person’s posture, the position of their hands and feet, as well as where their eyes look. From these expressions you can tell if he or she is interested and if they’re concealing something.

8.Show Appreciation
Showing appreciation to your customer has to happen in a genuine and sincere manner, so you’ll have to decide what you admire about him or her and express that in a modest manner. The best way is to pay a complement or two at the beginning and end of the conversation.

9.Talk in A Warm Manner
Conversing in a low and comforting voice makes the listener relax and trust you more. They’ll also be more open to share their thoughts and feelings with you, leading to greater cooperation and commitment between the both if you.

10.Speak Slowly
Slower speech actually increases the understanding people have of what you’re saying, and you can also carry the conversation in a more deliberate manner, giving both sides more time to think on replies and reactions.

11.Keep it Brief
Limit your replies to 30 seconds each and if you need to share a longer idea, break it down to several segments, presenting one first and then remaining silent for a short moment before continuing with further short sentences.

12.Listen with All Your Might
Listening is not an easy skill and you have to learn to pick up all the nuances and different layers about what’s being said. If the person you’re speaking to pauses, decide quickly whether to respond or let them continue, while observing them intently to develop your own thoughts and reactions.


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