How to Convince Your Client in Less Than 10 Seconds

How to Convince Your Client in Less Than 10 Seconds

1. Display A Positive Image

People are more willing to communicate with a person that seems kind, honest and dependable. You need to face your potential clients with a good standing posture, a smile on your face, and with open palms.

2. Take A Deep Breath and Relax

Before any crucial moments, take 3 deep breaths with your stomach to fully relax yourself. Trust can be built through taking deep breaths. Clients are able to sense that you are calm and collected.

3. Keep Quiet When Your Client is Speaking

It’s a common mistake where people interrupt others who are speaking with filler words, such as yes, right, mmm, etc. However, it makes one appear silly when one does it.

Therefore, be quiet when your client is speaking.

Once your client has finished speaking, wait for a few seconds before responding. This gives you enough time to think and construct your sentences before speaking.

You may want to begin your thought process when others are still talking, but this will distract you from what your client is saying. Clients can sense when you are not listening attentively, which will give them a very bad impression of you.

4. The 6 “U”s

• Urgency
• Unique
• Useful
• Ultra-Specific
• User-friendly
• Unquestionable Proof

Let’s take Uber as a case study.

a) Urgency
For example, if someone says: “I can’t get any transport during rainy days!”, then Uber serves its purpose during urgent times.

b) Unique
You need to be able to justify the uniqueness of your product. For example, there’s no any other applications in the market that functions like Uber.

c) Useful
For example, Uber brings you to the location you need to be on time.

d) Ultra-specific
For example, Uber can detect your location precisely. Within 4 to 5 minutes, your Uber driver arrives. Using numeric to convince others is always a good strategy in any circumstances.

e) User-friendly
Ease your client’s decision making process by providing solutions that cater to their needs.

f) Unquestionable Proof
Provide proof in the form of reliable and measurable numerical data or certificates.

5. Satisfy Your Client’s Needs

When you are trying to convince your clients to say yes, ensure that your product is tempting and exciting.

What are the possible human needs?

• Remuneration
• Cost saving
• Satisfaction
• Results
• Revenge
• Recognition
• Strength
• Relaxation
• Spiritual
• Romance

In order to be more convincing and lure your potential clients to say yes to your pitch, you need to be able to satisfy their needs.

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