Are You in The CTOS Blacklist? Read on to find out how you can check your CTOS status.

Are You in The CTOS Blacklist? Read on to find out how you can check your CTOS status.

CTOS specializes in collecting information and commercial transaction history of Individuals and companies from various sources found in the public domain.

If a person is bankrupt, his name will be included in CTOS blacklist. Banks, law firms, legal institutions, insurance companies and businesses will then refer to the company's information database to decide on loan application approval. Once a person’s name has been included in the blacklist CTOS, it is very difficult for the person to obtain any loans.

If you have ever owed phone bills, broadband bills, water bills, credit card debt, auto loans and mortgages, you might be included in CTOS blacklist.

Below are 4 methods you can use to access the CTOS blacklist to check for your name.
1. Mobile application
2. Online search
3. SMS
4. CTOS offices

Before using the mobile application, online search and SMS query, you need to register for a User ID.

Step 1: Go to https://ctosid.ctos.com.my/ctosid_new/SimpleRegister.
Step 2: Key in I/C number, and click Next.
Step 3: Fill in personal information such as e-mail address, phone number and account password.
Step 4: Click Submit, and wait for your User ID.

Method 1: Mobile app
Step 1: Download CTOS phone application.
Step 2: For Android phones, download the app through Google Play.
Download URL: https:? //play.google.com/store/apps/details Id = my.com.ctos.android & hl = en.
Step 3: For iOS phones, download the app through iTunes. Search “CTOS”.
Step 4: Install the mobile application, select Services, and then select Self-Check.
Step 5: The results will be displayed.

Method 2: online search
Step 1: Browse http://www.ctos.com.my.
Step 2: Log into your CTOS account using User ID and Password.
Step 3: Type in your email address.
Step 4: CTOS report will be sent to your e-mail mailbox.

Method 3: SMS
Step 1: Open the SMS function, enter SELFCHECK (space) [ID number] (space) and send to 36396 . Example: SELFCHECK 801011527876
Step 2: You will then be charged RM 10. Yes, it’s RM 10.
Step 3: CTOS report will be sent to the registered e-mail address.

Method 4: CTOS office
Step 1: Bring your I/C to CTOS service center.
Step 2: Let relevant staff to assist you.
CTOS Address:
CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd (247651H) Unit 1-12, Tower A, The Vertical Business Suite, Avenue 3 Bangsar South, 50900 KL
Telephone: 03-2722 8833
Fax: 03-2722 8822


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