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How to Save Time on House Cleaning


The modern home owner is usually a busy full time worker who doesn’t have much time to spend on home cleaning, neither do they earn enough to hire outside help to handle domestic cleaning. Often aft...


An Agent’s Guide on How to Survive an Economic Slowdown


The real estate market has its ups and downs and to be realistic, it cannot keep on climbing forever. There may come a time when the bubble bursts and property sales become slower as less and less peo...


Discovering a New Neighbourhood


Shifting to a new neighbourhood can be a terrifying experience, even if the new place is in the same city. You don’t know any of your neighbours, you don’t know the roads, and you don’t even kno...


Practical Guide to Childproofing Your Home


Most of the time, a child’s parents and loved ones will worry about their safety outside the house, kidnappers, reckless drivers and other dangers can potentially harm them. However, parents often n...

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How the Falling Ringgit Affects Property


The falling value of the Ringgit has been on many people’s minds recently. This concern is completely reasonable and as Malaysians with investments in local property, property owners will no doubt s...

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Ideas to Make a Small Kitchen Larger


Some homes come with rather small kitchens and it’s always a struggle to fit everything in and make it look aesthetically pleasing as well. Having a tiny kitchen however, can be a great opportunity ...


Basics about Commercial Property Loans Malaysia


Although the most common loans taken from the bank involves domestic houses, there is often a need by people in the business community to obtain loans for commercial lots. Although many of the basic f...

Natural Air Fresheners: Your anti Odour Solution from Nature


Running a home can sometimes be stressful and all you want to do is relax and put your feet up. However, before you can do that, you discover a weird smell coming from somewhere in the house. Oh no!...


Choosing the Right House Mates


When you are a young adult without a family, it’s often impossible to be able to afford to rent an entire apartment or house by yourself. More often than not, you will be required by circumstances t...


Agents: How to Increase your Reputation


Surveys have often shown that Real Estate Agents are one of the top five professions that are least trusted in society, along with bankers, journalists and politicians. Real estate agents therefore ar...

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