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Local Councils in Malaysia


Many Malaysians are at a loss on how local governments work in Malaysia. For home and property owners, it is very important to know who to approach when there are basic issues affecting the neighbourh...


A Homeowner’s Guide to Being Cockroach Free


The truth is, nobody likes the sight of cockroaches. They are especially horrible if they are of the winged species and most people panic when that happens. Unfortunately, most of us will definitely e...

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Types of Commercial Property


There are many various types of commercial property available in Malaysia and most of them are always evolving. This means that they are constantly changing in design to serve customers better and to ...

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Home Tips: How to Save Electricity


As we all know, Malaysians today face many financial issues. This comes especially after the GST was implemented earlier in 2015, leading to an overall increase in the prices of certain goods and serv...


How Do You Know When you’re ready to Buy a House?


If you are a young adult living in Malaysia, this question will eventually crop up in your life. Most people will one day want to settle down permanently in a home of their own rather than renting fro...

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Basic Guide for Foreigners Owning Property in Malaysia


The Malaysian government’s policies on foreigners owning property is pretty relaxed and open compared to many other places. This is in line with the welcoming Malaysian spirit and also the tolerance...

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Things to Consider When Renovating Your House


It is always the dream of every home owner to have a customized living space that looks beautiful, stylish and modern. Everyone would love to put their own personal touches to their homes to show thei...


Types of Home Loan Insurance in Malaysia


Home Loan insurance, also known as Mortgage Life Insurance, is a type of insurance that you can buy once you take a housing loan. Basically this insurance will pay the remainder of your housing loan t...

Mobile Apps for Home Improvement


Home improvement can mean many things, from upgrading your garden, changing leaky pipes or rewiring parts of your house that are old. Whatever home projects you choose to pursue, there is definitely a...


The Pros and Cons of Renting a House


The question of how owning a house is different from renting one may seem like it has very easy answers. Knowing what suits you is important for your particular situation. There is a need to know both...

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