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The Pros and Cons of Owning a House


The ultimate goal of every young Malaysian has been to own property, not just as an investment but also as a family home where they can settle down and raise a family. Therefore, a house has a deeped ...

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The Basics of Refinancing Your Home


The word refinancing can really confuse a lot of normal people. This is because in reality, it does involve some complex banking concepts, terms and systems. However, in this article, we will try to s...

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Temporary Decoration Ideas for Rented Houses


For those who are living in rented homes, decorating can sometimes be a challenge since there are many rules and regulations to follow. Among these rules is that tenants are not allowed to drill holes...


Types of Landed Property in Malaysia


Due to the creativity of the human race, modern housing on landed areas have taken on several patterns and designs. These layouts have been found to be well suited to modern dwellers and its design ha...

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Types of Highrise Properties in Malaysia


As a normal person, seeing advertisements and pamphlets describing high-rise properties for sale can sometimes be very confusing, especially in Malaysia where new developments are being launched regul...

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Various Malaysian Home Loans


It is every Malaysian’s dream to own their own home or invest in a piece of property for long term gains. However, many are not familiar with the types of financing available to them. In order to un...

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Ten Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property


Buying a property with the idea of renting it out or reselling it is a common way to generate income and is a popular business model. However, some home owners are at a loss at how to improve their p...

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Credit Cards and Debit Cards: What’s the Difference?


Right, so now you have all these shiny cards from different banks in your wallet or purse, but the bank staff member is giving you confusing explanations and you feel very lost. What are all these thi...