To mind the SOP could mean life or death, says MO

To mind the SOP could mean life or death, says MO

PETALING JAYA: Hospitals are being turned into war zone-like areas due to the increasing Covid-19 cases, lamented a doctor.

In a Facebook post, a doctor at a government hospital said medical staff on duty are not able to take any breaks during their shifts due to the many Covid-19 patients who are being brought in continuously throughout the day.

The doctor further said that while they are concentrating on Covid-19 cases, patients with chronic illnesses too have to be treated.

“Worked overnight, the beds are filled with Covid-19 risk patients. Our team is working hard endlessly. Cases cannot be warded as all the beds in the hospitals are full. Cases which need ventilators are being treated at emergency wards.

“A case yesterday where the Covid-19 patient was stabbed by the wife during a domestic quarrel -- treating his trauma was one thing, treating Covid-19 was another matter.

“The ones who are positive from methamphetamine drug abuse, those who get fits,

those who suffer strokes, heart attacks – all are put in treatment wards which are already full, ” the doctor posted on his Facebook, as reported in MStar.

He said matters become worse when medical colleagues too “succumb” to the virus.

“Even though they had no contact with Covid-19 cases, five of them were found to be Covid-19 positive later during lab testing.

“One of the things that keep us going is our camaraderie. When we finish our shifts, we are all tired, but we still smile and thank each other who are on the same shift, ” said the doctor.

The doctor is disappointed with those who do not take the fight against the pandemic seriously.

“When going home after work, I pass by the restaurants. I see too many people sitting around one table with no social distancing of one metre.

“Our medical colleagues are fighting and falling over. We are receiving all that you are “contributing” every day at our hospitals.

“To the public, when you seriously disregard the SOP, you are handing us live bullets to the virus for us to get shot at.

“The ones who seriously follow the SOP are our shields and we truly appreciate them. Only you can stop this war, not us. We are merely managing it, ” the doctor posted on his Facebook.

Source: The Star

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